3 Puzzle Games Every Fan of The Genre Should Know

There are puzzle games that make our moments of boredom go away and change that boredom into lots of fun from the moment we start the game.

These games are created by companies that want their games to be ranked higher in reviews. While gamers easily forget about older games and tend to seek out the latest and best there is, some games may fade away. It’s always good to take a step back and look at some of the most memorable puzzle games we so enjoyed.

These games are usually from different consoles Many of these came from companies such as Nintendo who became famous due to the many puzzle games they have created through the years. Today, we can find these games or similar versions in many platforms such as Android, IOS, PC and even PlayStation and Xbox.

Among the classic puzzle games that every player should know are:


It is a series of games in which you perform different missions or levels and you have to connect two portals in order to progress and beat the game. The game is developed by Valve and is highly recommended.


This is a classic game based on a pixel puzzle of the 80s in which you have to follow and complete a series of missions, thefts, split buildings and many other interesting things.

Hexcel’s Infinite

This is a game of cells, where you have toconnect objects following a specific order. It’s a lot of fun and if you love puzzle games, you’ve got to give it a shot! You must connect the colors in a specific order which makes it a lot of fun and very interesting.

These games are very interesting and everyone who knows games should know about these puzzle games. They are guaranteed to have you spending hours on end trying to beat the clock and set a new high score!

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