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A1 Puzzles is a gaming business that has the task of making the most intriguing and fun puzzle video games to challenge all sorts of minds. With a lot of our games focusing on all kinds of audiences, you can find puzzles video games especially for kids, so they can work out their brain at a young age.

Puzzles for All Kinds of Gamers

Our video games are also known for being a fun experience, so anyone that truly wants to enjoy a puzzle in their spare time, they can do so by playing one of our games. These games are designed for the casual player that doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands.

Great Adventures Available

A1 Puzzles has a great number of amazing titles that are not only about solving puzzles but also have a great narrative and story behind it. While you explore and solve any mysteries of the narrative, you can enjoy the puzzles you have to solve.

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3 Insanely Hard Puzzle Games You Should Try

There are many puzzle games that are developed by different companies with the purpose and with the aim of becoming long and difficult for players to beat them. This is achieved with their difficulty levels and intricate storylines.

By creating these incredible games the companies earn a lot. Some of them even sell certain tools within the games that help to beat them, which serves as a pay-to-win of sorts to charge the players in general.

Many of these games marked the childhood of gamers for the satisfaction they got from reaching a new level after spending 3 days trying to pass it. This means that many enjoy the challenge as well as the gameplay and story and want to experience the challenge and satisfaction as long as possible.

Among these types of games, we can find mostly puzzles, many of which have such a high a difficulty that it made them famous, and includes:

The Longest Journey’s Rubber Ducky

In this game you play a female character in a constant struggle between two worlds, that of reality and that of fantasy. You are also an art student, and you have to fight between the two worlds, by means of using a rubber duck that is related to all the conflicts in the two worlds.

You are in a city and you can move freely doing certain actions in the subway, in the streets, buildings, etc. With all this you can defend people in both worlds and defend everyone with your special powers.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’s Babel Fish Vending Machine

This game not only has a strange sense of humor that is shared by the people who play it, you also have tosolve really difficult puzzles that have nothing in common, which is the main reason why some players don’t like it.

In the game you work as a translator of a fish, which is the main leader in the whole game and you interpret for him. In addition, you must complete all the puzzles the game presents to you with the maximum difficulty in order to win the game.

Silent Hill

One of the most well-known games originally created for the PlayStation console, a psychological horror game in 3D with incredible graphics, a mix of action, puzzle and RPG in which you control and make decisions for your character.

The main point to deal with in this case is the great difficulty in the puzzles contained within. The puzzles are used as part of the fighting mechanism with monsters, and you have to think each move very thoroughly through in order to win each fight.

These three incredible games are part of the puzzle games that you must play if you are a fan of the genre.They can be difficult to pass and you will likely spend several hours thinking about how to pass a certain level. If you take your time and enjoy every moment you will beat them for sure.

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3 of the Top-Rated VR Puzzle Games to Play in 2019

With the good reception of several games in VR there is always an opportunity to highlight which one could be the best of the puzzle  genre. Through the past couple of years, the revolution of virtual reality has given to us a variety of titles to enjoy with our favorite virtual reality games.

Although, many of them haven’t had the popularity needed to be acclaimed, it would also be wrong not to feature them on a list. Are you ready to play some of the best VR puzzle games?

The Talos Principle VR

The Talos Principle VR is a virtual reality version of the game created by Croteam and it has been acclaimed by players and by many critics.

It is a spectacular first-person puzzle game that requires concepts and philosophical debates to complement a sci-fi background. The game managed to please the majority of the public and got good reviews in the gaming world. It’s also very popular across social networks such as YouTube and Twitter, and getting good sales.

Tetris Effect

Thanks to Tetsuya Mizuguchi and the same studio that brought the award-winning Rez infinite, Tetris Effect is an amazing experience that is able to immerse you in fantastic, completely three-dimensional worlds that move and evolve according to the way you play.

From the music, the backgrounds and the sound, to the Tetris pieces, the pulse, the dance, the brightness and the explosion, everything is in perfect sync with the way you are playing the game.


Statik, is a game about solving puzzles in a place you do not know, with people you do not recognize and hands that are not entirely yours. Undoubtedly, an unforgettable experience that will become a mystery while you enjoy it and ensure hours and hours of discoveries to each new mission that is presented.

You will play Dr. Ingen and his empathetic assistant Edith on an adventure to solve the intricacies of the human mind.

In short, 2019 is a great year for games based on virtual reality and these titles show it very well. Game developers know that creating a game that offers fantastic gameplay and puzzles that attract people, the success of the game is assured and millions will play it.

Don’t forget any of these titles and make sure to try them out this year. We’ve tried them all out and can highly recommend playing them. They offer fantastic gaming experiences that are challenging and rewarding.