What’s Daze? – Learn About This Masterpiece and Play it Today

Mobile gaming has been evolving at an unstoppable pace, little by little game developers have been creating a place for themselves among the multitude of players around the world that now are fans of their games. Puzzlegamesenjoy much more success on smart devices than elsewhere.

The offer of games and the demand is very high and thanks to the technological advances we are getting more and more innovative games whose goal is to give the player hours of fun playing with their mobile.

In this post we take a look at what you can expect when you download Daze for your Android device.

The Premise

puzzle game - What's Daze? - Learn About This Masterpiece and Play it Today

Daze is a vibrant game that is full of innovation. It is considered a masterpiece of mobile games that is fun filled. The game is designed to take advantage of the most advanced technologies for mobile devices.

Daze is a great example of what should be an innovative game and a great success coming to ensure many hours of fun and that will make you think very carefully what step you should take next.

Easy To Handle. Easy To Play

phone game - What's Daze? - Learn About This Masterpiece and Play it Today

With a simple design, easy mechanics and amazing graphics, right from the start Daze immerses the player into their world for a rewarding experience.

For more than its 90 levels the game requires many different interactions to be performed by the user, making them move the device, singing and even shaking the mobile to complete a level. This is achieved because the game requires all components of the device (gyroscope, microphone and camera) to beat the game.

It is also noteworthy that Daze offers a unique experience that not only will open a new point of view about the possibilities of your Android device, it will also help you understand a little more how it works and what are all the features that you may have not used otherwise.

Definitely a game that deserves to be tested by everyone as it has everything, making you think as you have fun and earn rewards.

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